Andreas Mogensen, Huginn mission

Crew-7 on the way to the launch pad

Credits: ESA - S. Corvaja

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Crew-7 going to the launch pad at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA, getting ready for launch to the International Space Station. Crew-7 consists of ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen, taking the role of Dragon spacecraft pilot, NASA astronaut Jasmin Moghbeli is commander, Satoshi Furukawa from JAXA and Konstantin Borisov from Roscomos are mission specialists. Andreas and Crew-7 will launch in the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft Endurance, from launch pad 39A . This is the launch pad for all crewed flights of SpaceX to the International Space Station, and it was previously used for the Shuttle and Apollo missions. As pilot of Crew-7, Andreas will take one of the two middle seats next to commander Jasmin Moghbeli and monitors the Dragon’s systems and performance during the journey to the International Space Station. More information on the crew: ESA - Introducing Crew-7! You can follow Andreas and his Huginn mission on the Huginn mission page, on Andreas’s social media channels and ESA’s social media.

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