MetOP SG (Second Generation)Sentinel-5Artist's Impressions - Various

Artist's view of MetOp SG-A

Credits: ESA - P. Carril

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Artist's view of MetOp SG-A. Comprising six MetOp Second Generation satellites in total, the mission MetOp SG A & B is based on a pair of satellites that carry different packages to deliver complementary meteorological information. The A series of satellites will be equipped with atmospheric sounders as well as optical and infrared imagers, while the B series focuses on microwave sensors. The first A satellite is planned to be launched in mid‑2021, followed by the first B satellite 18 months later. Each series will consist of three satellites to provide 21 years of operations. ESA is responsible for the funding and development of the first satellites of the A and B series fulfilling user and system requirements defined by EUMETSAT and for the procurement of the recurrent satellites on its behalf. EUMETSAT procures all launch services and develops the ground systems required to control the satellites, acquire and process their data and deliver products and services to users in response to their evolving needs. It also integrates and tests the full system that it will operate over two decades for the benefit of users.

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